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Strategic Planning for Sustainable Victim Services

Successful incorporation of law enforcement-based victim services is contingent upon a commitment to ongoing strategic planning. Effective agency communication channels, comprehensive and relevant policies, and staff development are key contributors to this effort. Assessment of victim services personnel capacity and options for expansion of response efforts can contribute to meeting the needs of victims and co-victims.

Essential Training for Effective Incorporation of Victim Services

Law enforcement-based victim services can highlight personnel differences in ethical approaches and decision-making around shared responsibilities.

Using Research to Enhance Incorporation of Victim Services

Research can provide agencies with objective data, evaluation of that data, and examples to base foundational decisions for incorporating law enforcement-based victim services.

Ask Us Anything About Effective Incorporation of Victim Services

Incorporating law enforcement-based victim services can be an exciting adventure that sparks robust conversations.

Past Events

National Law Enforcement Roadway Safety Program (NLERSP) Virtual Executive Workshop – July 12th

Attend this no-cost, 4-hour virtual workshop with other mid-level and executive level officers to learn about and discuss policies, training, and technological innovations that can reduce the risk of officer-involved collisions and struck-by incidents in your agency. Seats are limited, so register soon!