Captain Wes Farmer (Ret.), Ph.D.


Dr. Farmer has been the Executive Director of the Lancaster (PA) Safety Coalition (LSC) since 2011. LSC is a community-based nonprofit that delivers video evidence to criminal justice stakeholders. Believed to be one of the very few independent nonprofits that performs this function, LSC operates a network of 162 closed-circuit public space cameras that have been shown to be exceptionally effective at improving community safety.

Prior to his time at LSC, Dr. Farmer was a Captain with the San Bernardino (CA) Police Department, retiring in 2004 after an active 30-year career that resulted in several community and department honors. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the PERF Senior Management Institute for Police (Boston), and related management and leadership schools through POST (CA).

Dr. Farmer has a Bachelor’s Degree from California Baptist University, a Master’s in Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino, and received his Ph.D. from Temple University (Philadelphia) in 2014. His Ph.D. research focused on civic engagement among clients of social service organizations in five different cities.

Dr. Farmer remains active in his community and has also been on local and national nonprofit boards of directors. He continues to work with other community collaborators seeking to improve the engagement of citizens within the Lancaster (PA) area where he lives.