Organizational Assessments & AARs

NPI is committed to assisting communities with continual advancement of police service, providing analysis, assistance, reviews, and support. Our teams work with cities and counties, state and federal government agencies, local community organizations, and public and private colleges and universities to conduct independent and unbiased organizational, operational, and administrative analyses of law enforcement and public safety agencies to identify strengths, best practices, and areas for improvement. NPI independently assesses agencies’ core values; reviews approaches to crime and disorder; examines internal organizational structure and culture; gathers community sentiment to gauge public perceptions of the police, levels of trust, and police legitimacy; analyzes internal sworn and professional staff sentiment; and assesses the extent to which evidence-based approaches are, or could be, leveraged. NPI uses a variety of research tools and processes, from which recommendations are derived.

NPI’s independent assessment services are custom-designed and tailored specifically to meet the needs and priorities of each community, ensuring strategies align with professional, ethical, and fair policing. Teams are comprised of law enforcement, community, social, and professional subject matter experts, whose combined knowledge and experience is harnessed to guide reviews. NPI works as a ‘constructive antagonist’ to ask important, and often difficult, questions and to provide an unbiased review of specific issues surrounding law enforcement/public safety and the community. The NPI assessment team then develops a comprehensive assessment report which identifies strengths and challenges; highlights best practices; and produces data-driven, action-oriented recommendations. NPI will assist localities in prioritizing areas of focus and provide technical assistance to support the department’s implementation of critical recommendations. These efforts serve to enhance and strengthen the relationship between the agency and the community.

NPI leverages its vast network, partnerships, and internal tools and capacities to provide the evidence base from which to work.