Lieutenant Allen Schubert


For the past twenty years, Lieutenant Allen Schubert has proudly served in the Los Angeles Police Department. Handpicked to run the night watch of the LAPD’s new Transit Services Division, he utilizes a groundbreaking deployment plan to effectively safeguard the 1.5 million daily commuters who traverse the city’s 95 miles of rail lines and 1,700 bus routes. In his former tours of duty, Allen was a Gang/Robbery Detective, an Internal Affairs Investigator, a Department-sponsored Officer Representative, a Field Sergeant, and an Academy Instructor.

Allen holds a Master of Intelligence Studies from American Public University, a Master of Forensic Science from National University, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University. He is the highest-ranking Drug Recognition Expert (Instructor) in the Department and harbors a special interest in Counterterrorism matters (carried over from his days as an Intelligence Specialist in the United States Navy). His strategic vision focuses on greater collaboration between Department Command Staff and city caretakers, increasing workplace wellness, and embracing innovative technologies to combat/deter crime.