Lieutenant William Baskay


William Baskay serves as a Lieutenant with the Mount Laurel Police Department, where he has been employed for 19 years. He is currently the commander of the Administrative Division with direct oversight over the Detective and Records Bureaus.

At various points throughout his career, Lt. Baskay has had the opportunity to serve as his agency’s 911 Coordinator, CJIS Coordinator, Infectious Control Officer, Uniform Crime Reporter, MAGLOCLEN Liaison, NJ State Firearms Unit Liaison, Senior Supervisory Firearms Instructor, CED Coordinator, and OEM Terrorism and NJ Terrorism Task Force Representative.

He has a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University, where he received the Lansbury Prize for Academic Excellence. Lt. Baskay has represented the NJ State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) as an Exchange Fellow to the College of Policing in the United Kingdom. He is also a NJSACOP Accredited Command Executive and has graduated from the NJSACOP Command and Leadership Program. He is also an active NJSACOP assessor and Team Leader.

Lt. Baskay has developed and presented topical train the trainer instruction, and he has trained law enforcement command, supervisory and line staff in active shooter response. Additionally, he instructs Scene Management, Front Line Leadership, and Executive In-service.

Lt. Baskay’s career has been characterized by a commitment to police ethics and service. He has served as his department’s Domestic Violence Response Team Liaison and was responsible for introducing and developing his department’s Police Chaplain Program. Furthermore, he served as a member of the Executive Board of the Internal Affairs Association of Burlington County. Currently, Lt. Baskay is working with community partners in developing a strategy to incorporate intelligence-led responses and non-enforcement alternatives to help combat the opioid crisis and reduce crime within his jurisdiction.