Hubert Williams Award

Hubert Williams Equal Justice and Effective Policing Award

This award recognizes a police professional who currently or previously championed and promoted fairness, equal justice, and the civil rights of all. The ideal nominee will have worked to advance policing and public safety in ways that emphasize constitutional and civil rights, communities’ roles in safety or justice, agency accountability, and/or addressing racial or ethnic disparities. This nominee’s experience should have impacted a community or police agency through education, published research, policy change, passing of legislation, or contributions of similar caliber.

The Hubert Williams Equal Justice and Effective Policing Award is open to all active or retired police professionals in the United States, both sworn and non-sworn, with at least 10 years of relevant experience.

“Williams’s leadership and vision shall serve as a model for every leader in policing and justice.”

Jim Burch, President, National Policing Institute

“I worked with Hubert for about 20 years, and I have known him for almost 30. Rarely have I met a man of such great integrity and genuine concern for others. He loved his family, trusted in God, and was a role model to so many, providing guidance and compassion.”

Dr. Karen L. Amendola, National Policing Institute

A banner for 2023 Hubert Williams award honoree, Lee P. Brown.