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Straight from the NPI Newsroom, InFocus covers important topics across the policing profession that may benefit you, your agency, or your community. From research to best practices, agency highlights and insightful interviews, InFocus is your monthly snackable resource for law enforcement knowledge. Explore our issues below and join the conversation on our social media platforms. 

May: Honoring America’s Peace Officers

This month's InFocus looks different as we pause and honor America's peace officers for National Police Week. To pay homage to the brave men and women law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, we dedicate this collection of conversations and resources to their memory. Read more.

April: Violent Crime Reduction

Is violent crime in America up or down? The statistics tell one story, and perception tells another. This month's InFocus looks at violent crime reduction strategies our researchers stand behind. Discover new resources and stories, including the Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative and what two agencies are doing to disrupt violent crime in their jurisdictions. 
Woman police officer with kids

March: Women in Policing

This month's InFocus takes a look at women in policing, the history of research, the issues, and where we are now. In this issue, we highlight an agency that is thinking innovatively about recruiting and retaining women officers. We also interview a police executive who rose through the ranks, mentoring others, finding outlets, and leading a family of five. We know the issues and have found agencies that have pinpointed solutions. Read their stories and explore these resources.

February: Constitutional Policing

This issue of InFocus dives into the concept of constitutional policing and how it is applied to communities. Features include an interview with former Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold, a look at a Michigan sheriff's office that understands policing in a democracy, research findings, resources, and more.

January: Officer and Staff Wellness

In this first-ever issue of InFocus, we cover the critical topic of officer and staff wellness. Complete with a list of resources, an interview with a former police officer turned country music artist, and a story about a department that sets the bar high, we hope this issue creates conversation around prioritizing workforce wellness.