Chief Nader Oweis


Nader Oweis is a proven law enforcement leader with demonstrated and detailed knowledge of
modern police methods and practices especially in the higher education environment.

With over 28 years of law enforcement experience, 12 years as a chief of police with two law
enforcement agencies, Chief Oweis is recognized for his community-building efforts by law
enforcement peers and community members throughout the State of California.

In addition, he has provided insight and expertise on numerous issues in law enforcement and
has been instrumental in developing policy and training around active shooter and mass casualty
response, crowd management and control, use of force, body-worn video, and executive training.
He is also the host of the Conversations with Black and Brown in Blue Speakers Series at Sonoma State University.

Chief Oweis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Managerial Economics
from the University of California, Davis, and a Master of Science degree in Higher Education
from Drexel University. In 2011, he was the first person of Palestinian descent to be named as a
Chief of Police in California, and today is one of two Chiefs of Police of Palestinian descent in
the nation.