NLERSP Online Training


The NLERSP offers a variety of self-paced training courses and instructional videos that accommodate officers’ busy schedules. Training topics include:

  • Commentary driving
  • Managing distractions while driving
  • Peer-to-peer accountability
  • Emergency vehicle technology Mitigating struck-by incidents
  • Vehicle pursuits
  • Certificates of completion are provided at the conclusion of the course.

Commentary Driving for Law Enforcement Officers – 1 Hour

This course seeks to improve officers’ hazard perception and decision-making skills while behind the wheel by teaching a technique called commentary driving.

Commentary Driving: Advanced Instruction and Strategies for Trainers – 1 Hour

This course explains how commentary driving can develop an officer into a proactive, professional driver and provides strategies for trainers on how to incorporate commentary driving into their basic driver training and field training programs.

Prerequisite: Commentary Driving for Law Enforcement Officers

Managing Officer Distractions While Driving – 1.25 Hour

This course identifies the risks of distraction while driving and provides officers and agencies with practical ways to manage competing driving and policing tasks when operating a vehicle.

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