Evaluation of Milwaukee Police Department’s Crime Gun Intelligence Center

Publication Date

October 2019


Christopher Koper, Heather Vovak, and Brett Cowell


This study presents an evaluation of the Milwaukee (WI) Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) conducted by a research team from the National Policing Institute and George Mason University. The study covers the operations and impacts of Milwaukee’s CGIC from 2014 through 2017. Evaluation findings suggest NIBIN-related evidence is helping investigators identify and apprehend more suspects in gun crime investigations, and the CGIC investigative process appears to have been particularly helpful in improving the investigations of non-fatal shootings. The study also provides tentative indications that NIBIN-related arrests have reduced shootings in Milwaukee.

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Research Design


Research Methods

Longitudinal study, Case study, Secondary data analysis

Recommended Citation

Koper, C., Vovak, H., & Cowell, B. (2019). Evaluation of the Milwaukee Police Department’s crime gun intelligence center. National Policing Institute.