After-Action Review

Managing the Response to a Mobile Mass Shooting: A Critical Incident Review of the Kalamazoo, Michigan, Public Safety Response to the February 20, 2016, Mass Shooting Incident

Publication Date

April 2017


Frank Straub, Brett Cowell, Jennifer Zeunik, and Ben Gorban


On February 20, 2016, 45-year-old Uber driver engaged in a series of shootings that gripped and shocked the community of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The sequence of events that began with the suspect recklessly driving the streets in and around Kalamazoo, ultimately ended with his arrest early the next morning, February 21, 2016. During that time, he allegedly shot eight people, killing six and severely wounding two. The crime scenes spanned three separate locations in and around the city. Following the incident, an after-action review was conducted by the National Policing Institute, at the request of the City of Kalamazoo. This report provides lessons learned from the after-action review and identifies recommendations to improve the public safety response to mobile active shooters, mass casualty incidents, or other hostile events.

Research Design


Research Methods

Interviews, Focus groups

Recommended Citation

Straub, F., Cowell, B., Zeunik, J., & Gorban, B. (2017). Managing the response to a mobile mass shooting: A critical incident review of the Kalamazoo, Michigan, public safety response to the February 20, 2016, mass shooting incident. National Policing Institute.