Hannah McManus

Hannah McManus, Ph.D.

Director, Science & Innovation

Science & Innovation


Hannah D. McManus, Ph.D., joined the National Policing Institute as a Senior Research Associate in September 2022. Prior to joining NPI, she worked for five years as a Research Associate at the University of Cincinnati Center for Police Research and Policy. Dr. McManus participates in research and evaluation in the criminal justice field, with a specific focus on police practice. Her current work includes research on the development and implementation of training for police, best practices in crisis response, and the examination of police-community relations.

An advocate for academic-practitioner partnerships to promote evidence-informed and best practices, Dr. McManus has worked directly with law enforcement agencies across the country. She currently serves as Co-Principal Investigator on multiple federally awarded grants and has published in both peer-reviewed and practitioner-focused outlets, earning several awards for those publications.


McManus, H. D., and Shoulberg, A. M. (2023). A best practice assessment of the Aurora (CO) police department’s crisis response team and targeted violence prevention programs. National Policing Institute.

Isaza, G. T., McManus, H. D., & Pompoco, A. R. (2022). Integrating evidence into training to improve police services to communities. Journal of Community Justice, XXXII(1), 7–9.

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Engel, R. S., McManus, H. D., & Herold, T. D. (2020). Does de-escalation training work? A systematic review and call for evidence in police-use-of-force reform. Criminology & Public Policy, 19(3), 721–759.

Engel, R. S., McManus, H. D., & Isaza, G. T. (2020). Moving beyond “best practice”: The need for evidence to reduce officer-involved shootings. ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, 687(1), 146–165.

McManus, H. D., Corsaro, N., and Engel, R. S. (2020). An evaluation of the VALOR law enforcement agency and officer resilience training program. IACP/UC Center for Police Research and Policy.

McManus, H. D., Engel, R. S., Cherkauskas, J. C., Light, S. C., & Shoulberg, A. M. (2020). Street violence crime reduction strategies: A review of evidence. IACP/UC Center for Police Research and Policy.

McManus, H. D., Shafer, J. G., Graham, A. K. (2018). Race and the procedural justice model of policing (pp. 317–341). In Unnever, James D., Shaun L. Gabbidon, and Cecilia Chouhy (Eds.), Building a Black Criminology: Race, Theory, and Crime. Routledge.

Areas of Focus

  • Development, implementation, and evaluation of police training
  • Implementation and efficacy of crisis response models
  • Public perceptions of the police
  • Police-community relations

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