Maria Valdovinos Olson

Maria Valdovinos Olson, M.A.

Senior Research Associate

Research Division


Ms. Valdovinos Olson is a Senior Research Associate for the National Policing Institute, where she works on a portfolio of projects in policing, corrections, and prisoner reentry. She is an experienced researcher and project manager working to advance a diverse portfolio of federally and privately funded, multi-year research projects and initiatives across support, management, and leadership capacities. A fluent Spanish speaker, Ms. Valdovinos Olson is currently pursuing her PhD in Sociology.


Valdovinos Olson, M., & Amendola, K.L. (2023). Adopting community policing principles in jails to build community and improve safety, health, and wellness outcomes. In D. Rudes, G. Armstrong, K. Kras, & T. Carter (Eds.), Handbook on prisons and jails (pp. 206-227). Routledge.

Amendola, K.L., Hill, C., Valdovinos Olson, M., & Gorban, B. (2023). Compendium: Community policing and procedural justice in jails, parts 1-9. Washington, DC: Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

Han, S., Valdovinos Olson, M., & Davis, R.C. (2021). Reducing recidivism through restorative justice: An evaluation of Bridges To Life in Dallas. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 60(7), 444-463.

Amendola, K.L., Valdovinos Olson, M., Grieco, J., & Robbins, T. (2021). Development of a work-family conflict scale for spouses or partners of police officers. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 44(2), 275-290.

Valdovinos Olson, M., & Amendola, K.L. (2021). Promoting health, safety, and wellness in Los Angeles County jails: A process evaluation of gender responsive programming for incarcerated women. Women & Criminal Justice, 31(6), 422-444.

Areas of Focus

  • Safety, health, and wellness issues in the criminal justice system
  • Police organizations
  • Procedural justice & police legitimacy
  • Harm reduction and alternatives to justice involvement
  • Recidivism and collateral consequences
  • Re-entry programming and policy

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