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While significant progress has been made to address crime across the United States, there is still a need for continued advancement and innovation to ensure law enforcement is staying ahead of the curve in combating crime. Technology Innovation for Public Safety (TIPS) grantees were awarded funding by the Bureau of Justice Assistance to apply innovative technology to combat a precipitous increase in crime in their jurisdiction. The National Policing Institute and their partner SEARCH support these grantees through a variety technical assistance to ensure that each grantee is able to effectively deploy their technology and capture successes.

TIPS Successes

The Toledo, OH, Police Department went “live” with gunshot detection technology in June 2019. Since deploying the technology, more than 36 guns have been taken off the streets because of illegal gunfire and TPD has made more than 50 arrests. This includes three arrests on July 4, 2019–one for illegal discharge of a firearm, one for a series of drug and weapons-related offenses, and one for having weapons while under disability and illegal discharge of a firearm. The gunshot detection system was funded by the TIPS grant. 


Solicitations for the Technology Innovation for Public Safety (TIPS) funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) have closed. Stay tuned for award decisions and future funding opportunities. For more information about current BJA funding opportunities, visit,

The National Policing Institute (NPI) will be hosting a series of virtual regional roundtables to: identify pervasive concerns with technology use, develop shared understandings of use cases and law enforcement rationale, and generate key themes and considerations for law enforcement seeking to build digital trust and leverage emerging technologies to advance public safety. If your agency is interested in participating, please contact Ben Gorban, Senior Project Associate, at

The NPI will also be hosting a series of no-cost webinars related to different new and emerging technologies and the concept of Building Digital Trust.

Request Training & Technical Assistance

In collaboration with BJA, the National Policing Institute and SEARCH will provide training and technical assistance for TIPS Grantee sites as warranted and requested. This assistance is available from project evaluation, law enforcement, technology, and academic experts who can share unique insights into effective and efficient processes and approaches to using technology to combat crime within your agencies’ jurisdiction.

To request technical assistance, training, or other resources through this initiative, agency POCs should fill out the Training and Technical Assistance Request Form below. Agency POCs can also send an email to or call the National Policing Institute at 202-833-1460.

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