After-Action Review

Bringing Calm to Chaos: A National Policing Institute Review of the San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks

Publication Date

May 2016


National Policing Institute


This after-action review completed by NPI gives a regional view of the response to the Inland Regional Center from the perspective of the first responders and identifies lessons learned before, during, and after the terrorist attack. The lessons learned are identified as they relate to the response in San Bernardino but are applicable to active shooter or hostile events more generally. They center on leadership; command and control; planning and response; investigations; community engagement, relationships, and public information; and responder and victim welfare and mental health.

Recommended Citation

Braziel, R., Straub, F., Watson, G., and Hoops, R. (2016). Bringing calm to chaos: A critical incident review of the San Bernardino public safety response to the December 2, 2015, terrorist shooting incident at the Inland Regional Center. Washington, DC: Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.