Law Enforcement Shift Schedules: Results of a 2005 Random National Survey of Police Agencies

Publication Date

May 2006


Karen Amendola, Edwin Hamilton, and Laura Wyckoff


Many police agencies throughout the U.S. have adopted variations on the traditional five-day, eight-hour/day work schedule. Compressed schedules (longer hours over fewer days weekly) have become increasingly attractive to both police agencies and police personnel for a variety of reasons. However, there is no known national source that indicates the extent to which compressed schedules have been implemented. Therefore, as part of a larger study about the impact of various shift schedules on safety, health, performance, and quality of life, the Police Foundation conducted a random phone survey of police agencies. The purposes of this phone survey, conducted in November, 2005, were to determine the proportion of agencies having various shift schedules (e.g., 8-, 10-, or 12-hours in length) for their field patrol officers and the extent to which agencies still employed rotating shifts.

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Recommended Citation

Amendola, K.L., Hamilton, E.E., & Wyckoff, L.A. (2006). Law enforcement shift schedules: Results of a 2005 random national survey of police agencies. Police Foundation.