Managing High-Risk Adolescents in Community Contexts: The Averted Paw Paw High School and South Haven Pier Shooting in Michigan

Publication Date

April 2022


Frank Straub, Alyse Ley, Sammie Wicks, Bo Ren Zhang, and Lucas R. Haugen


Does adverting a school attack ensure that the threat of violence has been mitigated? This case study analyzes an averted school attack at a Michigan high school and an act of targeted violence carried out by the intended school attacker three years later.

This incident highlights the need for ongoing engagement and management of subjects of concern during and after incarceration and the need for collaborative multidisciplinary interventions to prevent acts of targeted mass violence that may endure after mitigating an initial crisis.

Recommended Citation

Straub, F., Ley, A., Wicks, S., Zhang, B. R., & Haugen, L. (2022). Managing high-risk adolescents in community contexts: The averted Paw Paw High School and South Haven Pier shooting in Michigan. National Policing Institute.