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Police Pursuits After Scott v Harris: Far from Ideal?

Publication Date

June 2008


Geoffrey P. Alpert and William C. Smith


With the 2007 United States Supreme Court decision in Scott v. Harris, a number of the judicial parameters thought by many observers to have been reliably established have been called into question, and the operational management of police pursuit operations has been thrust to the forefront as a matter of concern for law enforcement agencies. The purpose of this paper is to examine the use of deadly force in the course of police pursuits and to review the changing ways the Supreme Court has analyzed danger in the pursuit context.

Recommended Citation

Alpert, G. P., & Smith, W. C. (2008). Police pursuits after Scott v Harris: Far from ideal? National Policing Institute. https://www.policinginstitute.org/publication/police-pursuits-after-scott-v-harris-far-from-ideal/