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Policewomen on Patrol: Final Report

Publication Date

May 1974


Peter Bloch and Deborah Anderson


Because patrol operations take up the majority of the average police agency’s resources and are considered the most important of all police work, the Police Foundation decided to sponsor an evaluation of the performance of women on patrol. The purpose was to provide police and public administrators with as much scientific information as possible on the subject.

The evaluation was undertaken for the Foundation by The Urban Institute of Washington, D.C. The results are the subject of this document. The Foundation believes that, while the evaluation was conducted in Washington, the results will be useful for police agencies nationwide.

Research Design


Research Methods

Secondary data analysis, Interviews, Observation / Participant observation, Surveys

Recommended Citation

Bloch, P.B., & Anderson, D. (1974). Policewomen on patrol: Final report. Police Foundation. https://www.policinginstitute.org/publication/policewomen-on-patrol-final-report/