Policing Around the Nation: Education, Philosophy, and Practice

Publication Date

September 2017


Christie Gardiner


This report describes the findings of a  recent survey of a nationally representative sample of local law enforcement agencies on the role of higher education in policing. The survey was completed by 958 agencies (116 that employ 250 or more officers and 842 that employ fewer than 250 officers) from every state in the nation. This is the largest and most comprehensive non-governmental study ever conducted on the role of higher education in policing on a national level. It is also the first study in 40 years to provide substantial information about higher education policy and practice in small departments.

Research Design


Research Methods

Secondary data analysis, Surveys

Recommended Citation

Gardiner, C. (2017). Policing around the nation: Education, philosophy, and practice. National Policing Institute and California State University, Fullerton.