Summary Report of Survey Results: Officer Safety & Wellness and the Impact of New Technology (National Law Enforcement Applied Research & Data Platform)

Publication Date

January 2019


National Policing Institute


The National Policing Institute’s Platform project provides agency executives with actionable survey information from multiple perspectives to inform decision-making, including looking for common trends. The first core survey, Officer Safety and Wellness (OSW), explores aspects of the job and personal habits that affect an officer’s health and well-being. The second survey, Impact of New Technology (Tech), looks at technology used in agencies and whether officers find that the technology improves or impedes the quality of their work. The Platform team compiled the results from the first 17 agencies to complete the OSW Survey, and the first 10 to complete the Tech Survey to discern any notable differences. Results looked at the impact of increased media attention and public scrutiny, the level of sufficiency and gaps in safety trainings, organizational factors affecting safety, which healthy habits are primarily maintained and neglected, primary health concerns faced in the last five years, and officers’ level of favor toward technology in their job.

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National Policing Institute (2019). Summary report of survey results: Officer safety & wellness and the impact of new technology (National Law Enforcement Applied Research & Data Platform).