Time to Get Serious About Police Education

There hasn’t been a serious national discussion about police education across the USA for over 40 years, since the National Advisory Commission on Higher Education for Police Officers (HEPO) reported in the 1970s. Today, while there is lots of talk about making policing more scientific and more evidence-based, the focus seems to be on the…

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Dr. Robin S. Engel joins the National Policing Institute as the Senior Vice President

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ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The National Policing Institute (the Institute) is proud to announce and welcome Robin S. Engel, PhD as the Institute’s Senior Vice President, becoming the second highest-ranking executive within the national non-profit research and policy organization dedicated to excellence in policing and community safety through science and innovation. Dr. Robin S. Engel, a nationally known…

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988 Lifeline is a Key Resource for Law Enforcement

In 1983, Dr. Arlie Russell Hochschild coined the term emotional labor after she examined two occupations, flight attendants and bill collectors, whose job descriptions centered largely on engaging with the public (1). At the end of her study, Dr. Hochschild concluded that these occupations require an individual to manage their feelings and emotions that occur…

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