988 Lifeline is a Key Resource for Law Enforcement

In 1983, Dr. Arlie Russell Hochschild coined the term emotional labor after she examined two occupations, flight attendants and bill collectors, whose job descriptions centered largely on engaging with the public (1). At the end of her study, Dr. Hochschild concluded that these occupations require an individual to manage their feelings and emotions that occur…

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Stacey Clouse, Ph.D.

Stacey Clouse

Stacey Clouse earned her PhD at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is a senior research associate with the National Policing Institute. Dr. Clouse has more than six years of research experience and uses the crime science perspective to study the criminogenic impact of the design and management of places, and hot spots. Dr.…

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National Law Enforcement Roadway Safety Program


A Serious Risk to Officer Safety According to data collected from the Officer Down Memorial Page, 510 law enforcement officers were killed from 2012-2021 from collisions and struck-by incidents on the nation’s roadways. More recently, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reported 56 law enforcement officers were killed in 2022 as a result of…

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