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Working Together for Excellence in Policing

The National Policing Institute was established in 1970 as a non-partisan and independent nonprofit organization dedicated to pursuing excellence in policing through science and innovation. In other words, we do in-depth scientific research and then use our findings to inform the policing profession on ways to strengthen public safety and communities at the same time.

We believe this work is vitally important, and we cannot do it without you. We need the help of communities, the law enforcement profession, and businesses to truly guide the profession forward.

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Everyone wants to feel safe, respected, and treated with dignity. We all hope that the officer who responds to our emergency is professional, well-trained, and equipped with the best knowledge, equipment, and resources possible.

We are all community members, though it is not always clear how we fit into public safety or where our input can be most useful.

You don't have to know everything about the law enforcement profession; you just need to believe in the possibility of excellence for public safety and your neighborhood. Find out how you can get involved by clicking the link below.


The law enforcement profession has arguably never been more difficult than it is today. Whether you serve directly on the front line or lead those who serve, you are faced daily with complex decisions that have the potential to impact your agency, the community you serve, and, more broadly, the profession as a whole.

We understand how difficult the job can be, which is why we use science and innovation to uncover ways to improve officer health and wellness, reduce violent crime, and evaluate technologies that can help you stay safer and perform better.

Follow the link below to see how you, as a law enforcement professional, fit into the mission of the National Policing Institute.

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Even if you fully support our mission to bring excellence to policing through science and innovation, you may still be wondering how a business or corporation can truly impact the profession. Good news; there are many ways.

If you are a CEO, Social Responsibility Officer, or employee looking to strengthen your business's commitment to philanthropy, you are in the right place.

Follow the link below to learn how we can work together to achieve both of our missions.