I am a: Law Enforcement Professional

The National Policing Institute’s mission is to encourage excellence in policing through science and innovation.

But what does that mean?

Law enforcement is one of our country’s most important professions and a critical part of our democracy. Every day, officers move from call to call, faced with obstacles from split-second, life-threatening decisions to dozens of calls for service addressing quality of life issues. No two shifts are the same, but one thing is certain enforcement must constantly adapt to changing circumstances in order to be effective and to stay safe.

The National Policing Institute (NPI) understands the complexity of the profession and exists to bring strength to the field through science and innovation, establishing best practices, procedures, and suggested policies, and prioritizing officer safety and wellness.

How does NPI impact the profession?

NPI  conducts research, provides training, and offers assistance to agencies and officers as they take on issues that impact law enforcement and public safety. We are grounded in science and serve as an impartial proponent for innovation, improvement, and change. From officer safety and wellness issues, organizational culture, and implementation of community policing practices to reducing violent crime, assessing use of force and de-escalation techniques, and adopting new technology, NPI is fully engaged in and helping to develop modern-day policing.

What makes NPI credible? 

In 1967, the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice is thought to have produced one of the most comprehensive surveys of crime and criminal justice in the nation’s history. Among the commission’s recommendations were higher standards of selection and training of police officers, better management, more effective community relations, and greater coordination of services. As the commission concluded its work and made a call for massive change in criminal justice, the Ford Foundation took the bold step of making a multi-year commitment to modernize policing when it created the National Policing Institute (then called the Police Foundation).

Fast forward to today, more than 50 years later, and the National Policing Institute still serves as the nation’s oldest, independent, non-partisan, and nonprofit research and policy organization dedicated solely to making policing better and thereby making communities safer.

How does NPI do its work? 

The National Policing Institute has been a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit since 1970. We were named the top law enforcement charity by Impactful Ninja in August 2022, and for the third year in a row, we have been awarded the GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency, the highest transparency rating for nonprofit organizations by GuideStar. Many of our projects are funded through time-limited grants from governmental and private sources where the needs align with government priorities; however, there are many needs that may not align with individual funder priorities and the government won’t provide support for more than a few years, typically, even when the need continues to exist. Therefore, we rely on annual support from community organizations, corporate, and private citizens to respond more quickly to the most pressing challenges facing our communities and the policing profession.   

How does NPI’s research impact me?

Because our work is rooted in research, our findings are  impartial, non-partisan, and based on evidence. Our research, training, and assistance cover a broad spectrum that encompasses many of the complex issues agencies – both small and large – face daily. Officer recruitment, retention, safety and wellness is one of our major priorities which is why we are engaged in research to better understand organizational stressors and their impact on police officers. We also deliver training on best practices to reduce risks and save lives on the roadways because we know traffic crashes are one of the one leading causes of officer fatalities.

Why might law enforcement professionals support innovation and improvements for the profession?

Society is constantly changing and the sentiment surrounding the law enforcement profession can change rapidly. When trust is lost, respect is lost, and officers are put in harm's way more frequently.

By supporting ongoing research and training that makes the job safer, you are helping others on the job across the country. You are supporting progress and change in areas that need it most, so collectively, officers and community members can feel safe at all times. You are supporting a better future for those entering the profession and a better future for those they will be charged with protecting.

How do I get involved?

  1. Make a Gift: Your donation will contribute directly to our mission. To make a secure gift online, click here.
  2. Workplace Giving: If your agency offers a workplace giving program, consider giving to the National Policing Institute. Often, employees can make tax-deductible donations to organizations they care about through payroll contributions.
  3. Spread the Word: Share information about the National Policing Institute through your agency and with fellow law enforcement professionals.
  4. Join Our Community: Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to stay updated on our work and impact.