National Policing Institute Ramps Up the Power of 30×30

March 18, 2024

The National Policing Institute (NPI) has teamed up with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to bring powerful new resources to the 30×30 Initiative, building on NPI’s 50-year legacy and commitment to the study and advancement of women in policing.

In 1974, NPI (then known as the Police Foundation) released results from a groundbreaking study of female police trainees entering the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC. Examining a wide variety of performance measures, the study concluded, “There were no reported incidents which cast serious doubt on the ability of women to perform patrol work satisfactorily” (Bloch & Anderson, 1974).[1]

Yet decades later, policing remains a predominantly male profession. At this time, women make up only approximately 12% of sworn officers in the US and 3% of police leadership. The 30×30 Initiative is working hard to change that. Officially launched in March 2021, 30×30 seeks to increase the representation of women in police recruit classes to 30% by 2030.

Why is this goal so important? According to researchers, more females in the profession will enhance public safety and not just by helping to resolve staffing shortages. Female officers have also been found to use less force, achieve better results for those impacted by crime—especially for victims of sexual assault—and be viewed as empathetic and trustworthy by community members.

NPI is excited to partner with BJA to bring technical expertise to help the more than 300 university, local and state law enforcement agencies who have committed to the 30×30 Initiative.

“The National Policing Institute has a rich history of examining and highlighting the important work and value of women in policing,” remarked Jim Burch, NPI President. “Our history demonstrates our commitment to supporting not only the recruitment of women in policing but also their advancement into leadership roles.”

NPI will use agency surveys and reporting to prioritize areas of greatest need and target those technical assistance resources. NPI’s areas of focus include improving recruitment strategies, support for parents returning to the workplace, and accountability for workplace harassment. NPI will also help 30×30 agencies by facilitating peer-to-peer learning, providing feedback on agencies’ materials or processes, and making connections with nationally known subject matter experts.

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