Executive Fellows

Executive Fellows at the National Policing Institute (the Institute) are current or retired executive-level members of criminal justice organizations whose knowledge, experience and skills help advance the Institute's mission. They serve as members of the President’s Practitioner Advisory Board to help ensure the Institute is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the practical needs of law enforcement organizations. In addition, executive fellows serve as the Institute's regional representatives in national and international settings. Executive Fellows work on specific projects, represent the Institute's in meetings and conferences, and develop substantive thought pieces about the pressing issues facing policing. They serve for terms determined by the Institute's president.

Current Executive Fellows

Chief Shon Barnes, Ph.D.

Chief Ramon Batista, Jr. (Ret.)

Chief Debora (“Debby”) Black

Chief Jim Blocker

Chief Rick Braziel (Ret.)

Chief Michael Brown (Ret.)

Chief Kevin Carey

Chief John Carli (Ret.)

Chief Christopher Catren

Chief Mark Chaires (Ret.), Ph.D.

Chief Thomas Chaplin (Ret.)

Chief Ken Clary

Chief Ken Corney (Ret.)

Chief Brendan Cox (Ret.)

Major David Dalton

Chief Brandon del Pozo (Ret.)

Chief David Dominguez (Ret.)

Captain Wes Farmer (Ret.), Ph.D.

Chief Tracey G. Gove (Ret.)

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri

Chief Jeffrey Hadley

Chief Robert Handy (Ret.)

Captain Tim Hegarty (Ret.)

Chief Mark Helms (Ret.)

Chief Maris Herold

Chief Ronnell Higgins

Director Thomas Hoffman (Ret.)

Commander Eric L. Holmes

Commander Kevin Huddle

Chief Keith L. Humphrey

Chief Wayne Jerman

Chief James W. Johnson (Ret.)

Chief Eric Jones

Chief Susan Manheimer

Assistant Chief Travis Martinez

Chief Brett Meade, Ed.D.

Chief Michael Meehan (Ret.)

Bernard Melekian, DPPD

Chief Michael C. Miller

Chief Sylvia Moir (Ret.)

Chief Richard W. Myers (Ret.)

Captain Cory S. Nelson (Ret.)

Assistant Chief Rodney Parks (Ret.)

Chief John Perez

Captain Jason Potts

Deputy Chief Adrienne Quigley

Deputy Chief Michael Rein

Chief Cynthia Renaud (Ret.)

Director Eddie Reyes

Captain Ivonne Roman

Commissioner Michael Schirling

Chief Scott R. Seaman (Ret.)

Captain Jason Simon

Chief Jennifer Tejada

Chief Walter B. Tibbet (Ret.)

Commander Rachel Tolber

Chief Marco Vasquez (Ret.)

Chief Pat Walsh

Deputy Chief David Waltemeyer

Chief Paul M. Walters

Deputy SVP Joshua Young

Dep. Superintendent Daniel Wagner

Dep. Director Ellen Scrivner, PhD (Ret.)

Dep. Commissioner Nola Joyce (Ret.)

Dep. Director John Buchanan (Ret.)

Captain Stuart Greer

Chief Deanna Cantrell

Chief Anthony Geraci

Commander Chris Vallejo

Former Executive Fellows

The National Policing Institute recognizes the following individuals for their prior contributions as Executive Fellows:

Comm. Anthony W. Batts (Ret.)
Chief Andrew Bidou
Chris Butler, RAIC
Mayor Jane Castor
Chief James Cervera (Ret.)
Chief Tony Farrar (Ret.)
Chief John Feeney
Chief Edward Flynn
Captain Darren Goodman
Commissioner Robert C. Haas (Ret.)
Sheriff Rod Hoops (Ret.)

Chief Daniel Isom II, Ph.D.
Carl Jensen III, Ph.D.
Chief Robert Lehner
Chief Adam McGill
Sheriff Walter A. McNeil
Chief Rodney Monroe (Ret.)
Chief Eric Nuñez
Chief Jane Perlov (Ret.)
Chief David L. Perry
Sheriff Sue Rahr (Ret.)
Sheriff Michael Reese

Chief Bryan Roberts (Ret.)
Chief Ken Savano
Chief Ronal Serpas (Ret.)
Chief Donald Shinnamon, Sr. (Ret.)
Chief Scott Silverii (Ret.), PhD
Director Bob Stresak (Ret.)
Chief Daniel Stump
Chief Scott Thomson
Chief James W. Tolbert (Ret.)
Michael Wagers, Ph.D.
Chief Travis Walker