National Policing Institute Honors Legendary Law Enforcement Leaders Charles H. Ramsey, Lee P. Brown

September 12, 2023

The National Policing Institute (NPI) is honored to recognize two leaders for their significant and positive impacts on the law enforcement profession overall, and the agencies and communities they have each so admirably served.

NPI’s National Awards Program comprises two prestigious recognitions: the Commissioner Patrick V. Murphy Award for Leading Change in Policing and, for the first time, the Hubert Williams Equal Justice and Effective Policing Award. These awards recognize the boldness and forward-thinking efforts of law enforcement leaders and professionals consistent with NPI’s mission to pursue excellence in policing through science and innovation.

This year, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey is honored with the Commissioner Patrick V. Murphy Award. Former Houston Mayor and NYPD Commissioner the Honorable Lee Brown is receiving the inaugural Hubert Williams Award. Both recipients will be honored during a closed reception in San Diego, in October.

As recipient of the Patrick V. Murphy Award, Commissioner Ramsey exemplified Murphy’s legacy of leading change in policing that encourages more professional policing and safer communities.

For more than 35 years, Commissioner Ramsey has been established as a recognized innovator, educator, and practitioner of community policing. While serving across many major police departments, he spearheaded the development of cutting-edge policing strategies and organizational change. Commissioner Ramsey also refocused those departments on crime fighting and prevention by implementing a more accountable organizational structure, new technology, and innovative homeland security and counter-terrorism efforts. Commissioner Ramsey’s accomplishments directly resulted in the decline of violent crime in Philadelphia and encouraged the emphasis on evidence-based policing and neighborhood-based policing initiatives. In Washington, D.C., where Ramsey also served as chief of police, he boldly and proactively asked the U.S. Justice Department for a federal investigation into excessive force by the department, a decision referred to by Attorney General John Ashcroft as an “unprecedented act of outreach.” Commissioner Ramsey’s full bio can be viewed here.

“Commissioner Ramsey is an icon in American policing and a remarkable recipient of the Patrick V. Murphy Award,” commented NPI Board Chair Ron Serpas. “Throughout his career, Chuck continuously showcased the courage it takes to lead change and implement innovative ideas in the highly established industry of policing. His legacy and continued outspoken support and calls for accountability remain prominent, and we are thrilled to honor him with this recognition.”

The Honorable Mayor Lee P. Brown is recognized with the inaugural Hubert Williams Award. This recognition celebrates Mayor Brown’s dedication to championing fairness, equal justice, and the civil rights of all during his tenure as Commissioner of the New York City Police Department.

Mayor Brown has a decorated past in law enforcement and public service, most notably as the first Black Mayor of Houston, Texas. He is also a founder of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) and was a previous president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Mayor Brown dedicated his career to promoting a more effective and diverse profession and made significant changes within the communities he served. As an example, Mayor Brown called on police departments to establish high-visibility police presence in their communities in order to encourage positive interactions between civilians and law enforcement. He is known across the profession as the “father of community policing,” a practice that contributes to the reduction of crime and the safety of communities and police. Mayor Brown’s full bio can be viewed here.

“Much like NPI’s third president, Hubert Williams, Lee Brown is a man of uncommon integrity and leadership,” said NPI’s President Jim Burch. “His contributions toward initiating positive changes in policing, prioritizing and encouraging diversity in law enforcement, and addressing concerns of bias are exceptional, and it is for that reason, we are honored to give the world only a glimpse into the monumental impact he has made on communities and policing across America.”

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Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey
The Honorable Lee P. Brown

The Honorable Lee P. Brown when he was the Mayor of Houston.

Mayor Lee P. Brown is being honored for his dedication to championing fairness, equal justice, and the civil rights of all during his tenure as Commissioner of the New York City Police Department.

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