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Advancing Policing Through Continuous Action

Publication Date

May 2023


National Policing Institute


CALEA contracted the services of NPI in 2022 to review recent pattern or practice investigations conducted by DOJ to identify:

  • The events and organizational factors that precede an investigation;
  • The issues most commonly examined by pattern or practice investigators;
  • The investigative process and methodological approaches used to identify patterns or practices of unconstitutional policing;
  • The evidence cited to support observations of unconstitutional policing; and
  • The remedial measures outlined by the DOJ to address unconstitutional policing practices.

Research Design


Research Methods

Case study, Secondary data analysis

Recommended Citation

National Policing Institute. (2023). Advancing Policing Through Continuous Action. https://www.policinginstitute.org/publication/advancing-policing-through-continuous-action-lessons-learned