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Managing Large-Scale Security Events: A Planning Primer for Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Publication Date

April 2018


National Policing Institute


This updated planning primer is based on the 2016 Presidential Nominating Conventions and details best practices and lessons learned pertaining to security planning and implementation for a large-scale event. The project team gathered data by visiting each national convention site, during which they interviewed security team members, attended meeting and trainings, and conducted direct observation of the conventions and surrounding areas. This primer is organized into three phases: pre-event planning, core event operations and strategies, and post-event activities. The core event operations discuss the 19 core areas that are most important for event planning and operations. This primer also discusses major findings related to planning, finances, logistics, operations, and command of a large-scale security event, as well as changes in the strategies and tactics, timelines, and tools that have taken place since the original primer published by the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) in 2012. Also included in the primer are a planning toolkit to assist local law enforcement in with planning and conducting operations and a summary of key planning checklists. With these tools, law enforcement will be better prepared for incidents and can help ensure public safety throughout event operations.

Research Design


Research Methods

Interviews, Observation / Participant observation

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National Policing Institute. (2018).ย Managing large-scale security events: A planning primer for local law enforcement agencies. https://www.policinginstitute.org/publication/managing-large-scale-security-events-a-planning-primer-for-local-law-enforcement-agencies/