Jennifer Zeunik

Jennifer Zeunik, MPA

Director of Local Programs

Local Programs Division


Jennifer Zeunik provides oversight, leadership, contract/grant, staff and financial management, and product development and quality control for the National Policing Institute’s portfolio of state and local law enforcement projects. Ms. Zeunik has twenty years of public sector and nonprofit project management experience, working closely with all levels of government on policing issues focusing on finding data-driven, evidence-based solutions to policing challenges. She has extensive technical and managerial experience in the field of law enforcement operations and community policing and has overseen several critical incident reviews—including the police response to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando (FL) and the terrorist attack in San Benardino (CA) and reviews of police response to protests and demonstrations in Portland (OR), Charlotte (NC) and Minneapolis (MN).

In previous roles, Ms. Zeunik served as the Vice President of Programs for the Atlanta National Policing Institute, and project manager with the International Association of Chiefs of Police where she managed a variety programs funded through a diverse array of sources including federal grants, private funding, and state and municipal contracts. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Criminology from Florida State University and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Georgia, School of Public and International Affairs.

Areas of Focus

  • Non-profit project management
  • Law enforcement operations
  • After-action reviews

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