NPI Releases Report on the Reach and Influence of the 21st Century Policing Task Force Report

Police officers walking with kids

The National Policing Institute (NPI) is proud to partner with the Joyce Foundation and 21CP to assess the reach, impact, challenges, and successes of the principles of the 21st Century Policing Task Force Report (21CPTFR). This project examines the law enforcement field in the five years following the 21CPTFR’s finalization and publication, including both the…

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NPI Launches New Data Science Blog

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The National Policing Institute (NPI) is pleased to announce its new Data Science Blog site, which will feature content that highlights some of the work done by NPI’s Data Science Team. Much of the research and analyses done by the team ends up being public, but not often in a format that is oriented for…

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Qualified Immunity and Accountability in Policing

Qualified immunity graphic

America’s legal system has afforded government officials at various levels with absolute and qualified immunity protections in recognition of the risks associated with their roles and responsibilities.  Although qualified immunity is available to many state and local government workers, law enforcement officers rely on qualified immunity as they make life or death decisions in everyday…

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