Fort Lauderdale Police Department Organizational Assessment

The City of Fort Lauderdale contracted the National Policing Institute (NPI) to conduct an initial organizational assessment of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department (FLPD). The NPI assessment includes reviewing and analyzing FLPD data and policies and procedures, training, recruitment and retention, use of force, and community-police relations; engaging with community and business stakeholders; and, providing recommendations to the City and the FLPD.

This project will not succeed without vibrant input. Accordingly, we invite community members, business owners, first responders, and others who live and/or work in Fort Lauderdale to complete a survey, participate in an interview, focus group, or community listening session via Zoom or telephone. See Your Participation, below, for more information.

Interviews and Focus Groups

NPI will conduct this review from a variety of perspectives, including:

  • Community-based organizations and community members
  • Elected officials
  • Local business community
  • FLPD personnel and FLPD staff involved in crowd management operations
  • Mutual aid partners
  • Additional stakeholders

Reviewing FLPD Materials and Data

NPI will review LAPD materials and data, including:

  • Policies, procedures, and strategies
  • Training curricula
  • Datasets
  • Operational information

Reviewing Open Source Materials

NPI will review open source materials, including:

  • News media
  • Social media
  • Community-based organization websites

Conducting a Gap Analysis

NPI will compare this response with promising practices, national standards, and international perspectives. Where applicable, NPI will be offering recommendations for areas of improvement in FLPD policy, planning, practice, training, tactics, command and control, staffing, and resources to better align the department with national best and promising practices.

Providing a Final Report

NPI will provide the City with a final report that includes specific discussion of the policies, procedures, training curricula, and any additional materials which were reviewed, as well as insights gathered during interviews, focus groups, and listening sessions. The report will also provide recommendations and next steps.

Contact Information

If you have questions pertaining to this project, please contact:

Jennifer Zeunik
Director of Local Programs
National Policing Institute