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Crime Analysis Case Studies

Publication Date

May 2011


Greg Jones and Mary Malina


This volume presents a collection of crime analysis case studies that examines practical yet unique crime and disorder problems. These case studies are written by crime analysts and practitioners to demonstrate the processes, tools, and research crime analysts use to understand as well as to find viable, comprehensive solutions to crime and disorder problems. Each case study draws upon an analystโ€™s experience, training, and basic problem-solving skills; however, several draw upon the problem-analysis process as well. Each case study follows a uniform format using Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment (SARA), which enables a systematic review of a problem to facilitate well-developed, targeted response(s).

Research Design


Research Methods

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Recommended Citation

Jones, G., & Malina, M. (2011). Crime analysis case studies. Washington, DC: National Policing Institute. https://www.policinginstitute.org/publication/crime-analysis-case-studies/