Small & Rural Agency Crisis Response: A National Survey and Case Studies

Publication Date

March 2022


Robert C. Davis, Michael Lebron, and Melissa Reuland


The National Policing Institute, with support from Arnold Ventures, conducted a study to understand how small and rural law enforcement agencies respond to calls involving people who are in crisis. The study involved a national survey of more than 7,500 small and rural agencies in the United States, with 380 agencies, representing 44 states, submitting completed surveys. Detailed case studies were then conducted on eight of the responding agencies to identify how they respond to people in crisis, what their typical challenges are, and how they address those challenges.

Research Design


Research Methods

Case study, Interviews, Surveys

Recommended Citation

Davis, R. C., Lebron, M., & Reuland, M. (2022). Small & rural agency crisis response: A national survey and case studies. National Policing Institute.