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Open Data and Policing: A Five-Part Guide to Best Practices

Publication Date

November 2018


National Policing Institute


Law enforcement agencies nationwide, large and small, have released open datasets representing citizen calls for service, arrests and citations, police response to resistance, assaults on officers, citizen complaints, bicycle and pedestrian collisions, traffic stops, drug overdoses, hate crimes, agency training and workforce data, and more. By providing open data, they allow members of the public, community groups, and law enforcement agencies to independently and collaboratively analyze the data to identify potential problems, improve understanding of the challenges faced by law enforcement and their responses, craft solutions, and improve their communities. Drawing from promising practices used by these law enforcement agencies, this five-part best practice series aims to guide executives and members of local law enforcement agencies as they release open data.

Part II: Practices for Opening Data

Part III: Sharing Open Data

Part IV: Updating Open Data

Part V: Building Community Partnerships

Recommended Citation

National Policing Institute. (2018). Open data and policing: A five-part guide to best practices. Washington, DC: Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. https://www.policinginstitute.org/publication/police-data-initiative-best-practices-guide-5-part-series/